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Pricing Pricing


Location is by far the impactful factor that affects the cost of self-storage. Self-storage units in densely populated urban centers, like downtown Toronto, will cost more than units in more remote rural settings. The higher cost is because of the ease of access to the unit. If you must drive an hour and a half to get to your storage unit that would not be very convenient, but the cost of rent will be lower. You must ask yourself if that increase in price is worth the increase in proximity.

Storage Sizes

This one might seem obvious, but the larger the size of the unit the more it is going to cost. Although, as you go up in size, the cost per square foot usually goes down. When you are calculating the cost per square foot of your unit, you must also consider the height of the unit. Some facilities have units that are only 8 ft tall while other facilities, like Storwell, have units that are over 10 ft tall. That extra vertical space can make all the difference if you are stacking boxes or need the extra few inches to fit your truck inside your unit.

Facility Quality and Features

There are certain self-storage facilities that will offer tremendous discounts in order to attract more customers but are lacking in terms of facility features. One major factor to consider is the access hours for a storage facility. Some facilities only allow access to your unit during office hours, meaning that you are paying full rent for your unit but will only be able to access it for a limited 8-hour window of time. Storwell offers 24/7-unit passcode access to our facility so that you get the most out of the storage that you paid for. Another feature that many new facilities are foregoing is on-site management. If a facility has 24-hour access an on-site manager is essential to deal with any problem that might arise outside of the office hours.

Climate Control

Self-storage facilities that offer climate-controlled units will generally have higher costs than facilities without climate control. Climate control keeps the temperature of the storage unit constant and is important for storing extremely fragile items such as antiques, high-end jewelry, and certain vintage vehicles. However, for most storage owners, climate control is not a necessity, especially if you are only using your storage unit for furniture storage or general decluttering. If you do not absolutely need climate control it is better that you choose a facility that makes use of regular power ventilation so that you are not paying for something you do not need.


The months between May and August are the busiest months for self-storage facilities. This is the time of the year when most people are doing their spring cleaning or are moving homes and need extra storage for home staging and decluttering. Self-Storage prices tend to increase at this time of the year because of the higher demand. There is also less of a chance that you will find an available unit to rent. If possible, wait to move into your storage unit until after the busy months during the slower season.

Full Service Storage vs Traditional Storage

In the past few years, “full service” storage companies have been starting up. These companies act as a moving service and a storage service all in one. They will take your items and store them in a communal storage locker with the items from all their other clients and only charge you for the space that your items take up in the warehouse. While this service is advertised as more convenient than traditional storage, it takes away a lot of your antinomy as a renter. You do not have open access to your items, you unsure of who is taking care of your things, and ultimately you are at the mercy of the storage company. While this full-service storage solution might come at a lower cost it is an inferior option to more traditional self-storage solutions.